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Our ‘Intranet in a box’ – The Hub – accelerates your use of SharePoint, building your intranet in weeks, not months.

SharePoint Migration

We are experienced in upgrading and migrating from older versions of SharePoint, or in moving documents into SharePoint.

Custom Development

Our development experience helps you make the most of your investment in SharePoint.

We are SharePoint Experts

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We simplify your path to an effective SharePoint solution. Our four-step approach begins with understanding your needs and crafting a tailored solution. Our experts seamlessly integrate your SharePoint hub for a smooth transition. Through comprehensive training, we empower your team, and upon readiness, we launch your collaborative platform
STEP 1: Discovery & Needs Assessment

Understanding Your Vision: Our journey begins with a deep dive into your unique vision and requirements. We work closely with you to comprehend your goals, challenges, and the specific outcomes you seek to achieve through your SharePoint site. This phase is all about understanding your business inside and out, ensuring that our solution aligns perfectly with your objectives.

STEP 2: Customization & Design

Tailored Solutions: Once we have a clear grasp of your needs, we transition into the customization and design phase. Here, our expert team creates a SharePoint solution that’s tailored to your organization’s identity and objectives. We integrate your branding elements, ensuring that the SharePoint site not only meets your functional requirements but also visually reflects your company’s unique style and culture.

STEP 3: Development & Integration

Building Your Hub: With the design in place, our skilled developers get to work, crafting your SharePoint hub. During this phase, we ensure a seamless integration with your existing systems and workflows, facilitating a smooth user experience. We implement the necessary features and functionalities to make your SharePoint site a powerful tool for collaboration and productivity.

STEP 4: Training & Launch

Empowering Your Team: We understand that technology is only effective when your team can use it confidently. In the final step, we provide comprehensive training and support, ensuring your staff can effectively utilize the SharePoint hub. Once everyone is ready, we launch your site and provide ongoing assistance, empowering your organization to collaborate efficiently and make the most of your SharePoint investment.